Proper car seat use is priority during National Child Passenger Safety week

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - It's National Child Passenger Safety Week and with that, it's time to make sure your child is properly buckled up in the vehicle. D'Iberville police said too often they find into someone whose child isn't properly secured in their seat.

"That's some of the reasons that we stop people. 'We'll I just live right there. I'm just making a quick stop. I didn't have time to change the car seat out.' Sometimes people have one car seat and they have multiple cars," D'Iberville Police Department Lt. Shannon Nobles explained.

Parents said they've seen it too.

"We did see someone with a child about the age of three standing up in the front of a truck with no restraints," parent Erin Skaggs said.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, car crashes are the leading cause of death for children 1 to 13-years-old in the U.S. But those deaths can be prevented if a child is correctly restrained.

"If a parent is unsure on how to install a car seat or maybe the car seat is not installed correctly or they don't know how they can come to the station here, we can install it correctly for them," Nobles said.

Skaggs said she doesn't start the car unless her three children have their seat belts on. For her youngest, three-year- old Jhett, she uses a five point harness.

"I feel like the ones that have the latch system that can anchor down at the top and on both sides of the car seat are the most secure," Skaggs said.

Security is priority when Loree Gilman straps in her 4 ½-months-old.

"We just do it ourselves. As long as it's secure. We follow the instructions with the car seat and make sure its tight and doesn't go anywhere," Gilman said.

Police also ensure children's safety through enforcement, but they said the objective is not to punish parents. It's intended to educate parents on how to keep their child the safest when riding in a vehicle.

To learn more about proper car seat use click National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. D'Iberville police check and can educate you on proper car seat use. They also offer free car seats to those who have a financial need. Call D'Iberville Police Department for details: 228-396-4252.

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