Residents Say Landfill Expansion Proposal Is Garbage

Proposed amendments needed for company expansion were the topics the Jackson County Board of Supervisors presented to the public Thursday evening regarding the Macland Ash Disposal Centers.

The company wants to expand its two landfills - one on Highway 63, the other on Highway 613.

The owners of the land say they need more space.

But the residents who spoke at Thursday's meeting say this expansion would do nothing but turn the county into a wasteland.

"Jackson County industries currently generate over 30 million pounds annually of toxic production related waste- most of which is being trucked out of the county to otherwise qualified landfills. There's no need to change that. Authorizing a toxic waste dump in Escatawpa is about the dumbest thing we could possibly do," said Virginia Terrison.

"I have a real fear of us becoming the dump of the south for profit. I don't think this has got anything in the world to do with the need for what Jackson County needs," said Kenneth Wilson.

All of these recommendations will be reviewed by the board of supervisors, and sent to the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality.