A somber memorial held for murder victim Karol Bolton

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - A tearful memorial was held Thursday afternoon at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College to remember a beloved friend and classmate. Karol Bolton was shot and killed at a party Saturday night.

"She has been so busy in school and she would go to work and this was a time she finally stepped out and gave us a friend time," Alysha Barnes said.

Barnes and Karol Bolton were together the night Bolton's life tragically ended.

"It's been hard, but I pray to her every morning and every night just pray, ask her to give me strength," Barnes said. "She helps me smile and she helps me make it every day."

A crowd of grieving students and faculty listened as Barnes cried talking about her best friend.

"There is no one like her. There could never be nobody like her," Barnes said.

Bolton had just started classes at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College last month. Those who knew her said she made an impact on many people in her 18 years.

With tears rolling down her face a friend said, "You was a good friend. You helped me out my whole senior year. The times I needed a ride, she was there."

Another friend Bria Magee said, "She was really, really caring and loved everybody and would make you laugh even if you didn't know her."

Magee said the two had been friends since middle school, this semester they had a class together.

"Monday was like the worst Monday," Magee said. "It was awkward looking at her chair and knowing she wasn't going to be there anymore."

The painful reality has begun to sink in for most.

"Recently I said, 'You know, Karol, God is calling on his angels and when he calls we have to come.' But I just didn't know it was going to be this soon," Barnes said. "It just hurts me so bad."

Friends and family will never forget Bolton, but say they will get through this together.

Services for Bolton will be held Saturday at Handsboro Community Center in Gulfport. Visitation will be from 10am until noon. The funeral will follow at noon.

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