Local businesses say 'Open Carry' has had no effect on them

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - It's been a week and a half now since Mississippi's open carry gun law went into effect, and several coast businesses said the controversial law has had no effect on them.

The signs are posted everywhere. When talks of the open carry law were high, many businesses posted the "no weapons" signs in fear.

The open carry law makes it legal for gun owners to have their weapons unconcealed. Unless there is a sign posted. Gun toting citizens are welcome to take them to most places, and this is exactly why many business owners like Brian Keenon posted a sign.

"I don't want people walking in my store with a gun on their hip, simply because it makes people uncomfortable. But I don't oppose the law," said Keenon.

Fayard's gas station in Biloxi also posted a sign. Betty Richardson is an employee there. She said she hasn't seen a single person turn away because of it.

"We haven't had any issues with anyone trying to come in with weapons, and it's been fairly quiet," said Richardson.

Fayard's, like many other businesses we visited, said even though they have not had any trouble since the law was passed, they will keep their signs up just as a precaution.

Gulfport Police Chief, Leonard Papania, told WLOX his department has not had to address any issues concerning this law since it was passed, and he hopes to keep it that way.

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