Crews lay out new synthetic turf on football fields

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Crews were putting down new synthetic turf at Harrison Central's and D'Iberville's stadiums Tuesday. Some D'Iberville football players got a head start testing out their new field. Coaches said making the move from grass to turf means players can get more practice time in.

"If you get a three inch rain, a four inch rain it's pretty hard to practice on our practice field, but you can come down here and you go a head and practice," D'Iberville Football Coach Buddy Singleton said.

The company said this artificial turf is specially designed to mimic grass.

Coach Buddy Singleton said when it comes to playing, his players can't really tell the difference. But the school district's budget can.

"The advantage is you don't have to spend money on cutting grass as far as lawn movers, fertilizer. There's a lot of things you have to have. You have to have pesticides to kill mole crickets stuff like this so it can run into quite a bit of money as far as just maintaining the field," Singleton said.

Also excited about the new field at D'Iberville stadium are some curious community members who stopped in.

"I build things myself and I'm fascinated by everybody else's trade and I enjoy watching what they're doing," onlooker George Garbin said.

The owner of the company said this new synthetic turf is far more advanced than the turf people may remember from many years ago. First of all it's less abrasive and he said the turf is two inches long and once a layer of rubber is put down players are slightly less likely to get hurt than if they were playing on natural grass.

"A lot of people would rather play on grass but it seems like now with the new turf, it's just as good as grass and I can't tell a lot of difference, Singleton said.

Warriors fans will get to see how well the turf holds up next week in D'Iberville's first home game again West Harrison.

Crews are also working to get Harrison Central's turf ready in time for that team's home game this Friday against Greene County. The soccer teams and junior varsity and middle school football teams will use the field.

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