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Hot, dry conditions in MS

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

In recent weeks rainfall has become a rare sight across the state of Mississippi. With temperatures remaining in the mid 90's, yards, gardens and fields are starting to dry up.

Under a beaming sun, the soybean harvest is in full swing at Gaddis Farms in Bolton. The combine is kicking up dust in the field that's dry as a desert, but for this year, that's actually good for farmers.

"Most of our row crops do look good even though we haven't had a lot of rain. That has helped with the harvest because our farmers did have a late spring planting because spring was so wet, so this has allowed them some time to get in the field and start harvesting," said Paige Manning, Marketing Director for the Mississippi Department Of Agriculture.

Cattle farmers are in the most desperate need for rain as ponds begin to dry up. Most farmers are having to irrigate their fields. An extended dry period could cut into their yield and their profits.

"Some of our crops are just really starting to harvest like rice and things like that so it could help out some of the crops but as far as the corn, most of that is out of the field. With our harvest we are behind where we were at this point last year," Manning said.

At Lakeland Lawn and Garden, the hoses are getting a regular workout, as should yours as you try to keep your grass and garden green.

"You water, and water, and water. It's best to water early in the morning or later in the afternoon and usually want to water heavily three or four times a week instead of lightly every single day so it's better to soak it in really well," said arden expert Maggie McLinden.

With dry weather, comes the greater risk for grass fires like the one that flared up on Interstate 20 Tuesday afternoon. Currently the State Forestry Commission has not issued any burn bans, but they could, if mother nature doesn't become more generous with the moisture.

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