Community Center Construction Behind Schedule

Construction on the new West Biloxi Community Center on Pass Road is behind schedule.

The $4 million complex was supposed to open at the end of January. Now, Biloxi recreation director Sherry Bell says the center may not open now until April or May.

Once it's completed, the community center will have a basketball court, racquetball courts, a walking track and a swimming pool.

Biloxi Mayor A.J. Holloway says a number of problems have slowed down construction.

"Labor problems, bad weather, materials coming in, but it's coming along real well," Mayor Holloway said. "That's a big building, you know. We had a few changes. We wanted to make it more accessible for parties, birthday parties, stages for carnival balls. We had to make a little modification there."

Holloway says the center should be open as a polling place for the city elections in May.

The new complex is to be named after Don Snyder, a long time supporter of athletic programs in the city of Biloxi.