Harrison Co. budget includes raises, holds the line on taxes


Harrison County supervisors approved a new budget Tuesday. The spending plan includes a pay raise for county workers, while holding the line on taxes. But there were some last minute adjustments regarding those raises.

One day after approving an across the board pay raise of four percent for county employees, some clarifications on that motion were made.

"So, come December one, they've been here two months, they automatically get a pay raise?" asked Supervisor Windy Swetman.

"No, they don't. I guess that's a decision we need to make," said Board President William Martin. "I don't have any problem clarifying. My position is, I can tell you what my personal position is. It is for presently employed employees to get a four percent raise."

But some supervisors worry that limiting the pay raise to current employees could be troublesome later.

"Certain individuals are going to get raises and others won't. But you're creating a hodge podge on your salary schedule. You're creating a hodge podge out there that's gonna come back and bite you later on," said Supervisor Marlin Ladner.

"But do you think it's fair for someone to be hired on at the same salary that somebody is making that's been here for 15 years?" asked Supervisor Connie Rockco.

That question of equity led to a discussion about possible waiting periods and the question of fulltime and part time workers.

"This board just rewarded those employees who've been here for seven years, and I thought that was the whole intent," said Windy Swetman.

In the end, board members approved a four percent raise effective December first for all fulltime workers employed by the county as of today.

The new county budget does not include any tax increase. However, most residents will be paying slightly more since the school district budget raised the millage.

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