Highschoolers take part in annual Rubber Chicken Improv Festival

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The Lynn Meadows Discovery Center hosted their annual Rubber Chicken Improv Festival on Sunday. Teens dressed as senior citizens, story book characters, and zombies were all competing to see who could make the audience laugh the hardest.

Sarah Grammar is a high school senior and one of the hostesses in this year's competition. The festival got its start in 2005, a year everyone on the Coast could have used a smile.

"We started this festival in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina when everybody just needed a laugh. We all just needed something light hearted and fun since we were so down trodden," said Grammar.

She has seen the attendance steadily increase over the years, and would compare the competition to a popular television show.

"It's like a, 'Whose Line Is It Anyway' set up where teams are totally improving various scenes and most of the scenes come from the audience," said Grammar.

One of the teams in this year's festival was D'iberville high school senior Jenna Hardcastle. Hardcastle was the captain and she was thrilled to be participating in the festival again.

"I just love getting on stage and being able to express myself without being judged," said Hardcastle.

D'iberville's co-captain is Kyle Overfield. He said his family got him into acting, but when he isn't on stage he's on the basketball court. Surprisingly, he feels acting comes in handy when playing basketball.

"When I'm playing basketball I could easily act out a foul or something so you could say it's similar," said Overfield.

The teams were judged by theatre professionals and the grand prize was a rubber chicken trophy.

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