Pascagoula resident starts a petition to stop flooding woes

Fred Waters
Fred Waters

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - From a sunken boat to down trees, a Pascagoula resident said the west prong of Bayou Casotte is filled with all kinds of debris. He believes that debris could be causing flooding in his neighborhood.

"You see the boat sunk here. Debris on the banks and the trees are down and water is flowing down here bring debris and silt down from upstream," Pascagoula resident Fred Waters said.

Waters claims the West Prong of Bayou Casotte is clogged with mess. When it rains, he said there's a drainage backup that causes nearby streets to flood.

"The first part of this year we had a really unusual down pour of torrential and it really didn't take long to fill this pond up and flood our neighbors downstream. I didn't get any water, but it came up to the edge of the road," said Waters.

Waters even started a petition in his neighborhood after the last flood.

The frustrated resident said he took more than 80 signatures to Pascagoula and county officials to get the bayou cleaned out regularly, but still nothing has been done.

"We know we have problems all over the city. You can't wave a magic wand and make the problem better, but we can take some logical engineering based steps to try to make a difference," Water's said.

Pascagoula's city manager and mayor said back in July the city and county partnered with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to investigate the drainage problems and hopefully stop the frequent flooding, but this process will take time. Officials said the debris piling up near the bayou is an easier fix.

"There are a few immediate things that can be done if there has been some illegal dumping. I understand Mr. Waters said there were some tires in the area. We can either take care of them ourselves or alert property entity to send someone out there," Huffman said.

Waters said whatever can be done; he hopes it is done soon.

"What I am asking them to do is what they should have been addressing all along," said Waters.

Waters said he also plans to go before the Jackson County Board of Supervisors tomorrow to find out what can they do to also help fix the flooding problem.

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