Tropical Storm Ivan Brings Flooding To Hancock County

Just when residents in Hancock County's low lying areas thought they were spared the wrath of Ivan, they found out he isn't finished yet. The remnants of the storm have reformed into a tropical storm.

That's causing unusually high tides that have flooded several roads in the Shoreline Park, Heron Bay and Pearlington communities. If waters continue to rise, many residents face all too familiar evacuation preparations.

Debra Sunday lives on the water in the Shoreline Park community. She spent the day supervising her son cleaning up what Ivan left behind last week, and picking up what might float away if the storm makes a return visit.

"Back here you never know. It can come up in a matter of no time," Sunday said.

A few more feet of water in the canal next to her house will send it over its banks and into her yard.

"It kind of makes me nervous now."

That nervousness is understandable since the high tide has already pushed water out of the canal and onto the end of her street.

Civil Defense Director, Brian Adam told WLOX NEWS, "At this time the streets are passable, but you have certain areas that has water coming over it. What we're urging is for people in the low lying areas to keep an eye out. If they have water on their streets when they come home this evening please let us know."

"Once it starts filling up you have no way of getting out," Shoreline Park Resident William DeBruyn said.

DeBruyn and his roommates have been too busy to unload the trailer they used to evacuate last week. The new flood threat makes them glad they didn't.

"He's still bringing problems. I kind of look at it as the more progress in the world we get... stranger things would happen with the weather. "

Civil Defense Director Adam says, "We're just urging them to be on the alert and be ready to move if they have to move. "

That's exactly what people who live here are preparing to do.

To report street flooding in Hancock County, you can contact the Emergency Management agency at 467-9226.

by Al Showers