Downed Bridge Creates Traffic Hassles

The drivers at Knight Transportation Company are still hitting the road when they have freight to haul to Florida. But without the I-10 bridge over Escambia Bay, the trips are longer because the drivers have to go 50 miles out of their way.

Operations Manager Melissa Byars says, "We have to detour around Pensacola now and due to the outer route miles we do have to charge a little extra to our customers on the rate to help compensate."

That's what Brian Foster's boss is doing too. He works for a Pennsylvania trucking company and was gassing up at a Gulfport truck stop.  The Pensacola area is one of Foster's routes and he says getting around is a nightmare.

"I had to reroute up into Alabama, come back down around Mobile and come in the west side. Two lane roads and way out of route."

The out of the way back roads are exactly why trucker Roy Verret has temporarily scratched Florida off his route.

"The feasibility of me goin' to Florida and havin' to go through some very unnecessary travel, no, I won't do it," Verret says.

Verret says detouring would add cost and extra wear and tear on his rig.

"Generally, I'm hauling something that's very heavy and I try to stick mainly to the main state highways and the interstate so I make sure I don't tear my truck up anymore than it's going to get torn up in the first place."

So Verret says until the bridge is fixed in Florida, he'll just stick to jobs in Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.