Complaints Cause City To Cut State Road's Overgrown Grass

It's a brand new road but people who live off Cowan Road in Gulfport say neglect has turned the street into an eyesore. After several complaints, Gulfport crews began cutting the overgrown grass this week.

Some say a year. Some say two years. Whatever the case, drivers say its taken too long for someone to take a lawn mower to Cowan Road.

Terry Robinson lives near Cowan. "This is the new gateway to the Gulf Coast and its not very impressive when the runners from the grass are growing into the street."

In three straight days of working, crews have made progress in cutting the tall grass and overgrown weeds.. but its slow going.

"It's pretty bad," said Edward Walker." It hadn't been done in awhile."

The huge job is falling to the city of Gulfport even though Cowan is a state road.

"It's a state aid road and MDOT is responsible for it," said Gulfport councilmember Kim Savant. "They were not able to get there as quickly as we wanted to them to get there and they couldn't do as much done as we wanted done, so we did it ourselves. We like it to look a little better."

Savant says the city won't have to go it alone. MDOT has offered to help the city with its efforts to beautify Cowan Road and Highway 49 by paying for a truck and a crew supervisor.

"The problem with letting it get in that bad condition is that is takes it so long to get it back in shape," said Savant. "We are going to monitor it real closely and try to keep it from getting that bad again."

MDOT officials say a heavy workload is the reason they've fallen behind on mowing Cowan Road. A spokesperson told us right now workers are busy on roads like Highway 49 and Interstate 10 but had planned to move on to Cowan once finished.