Pearl River County man moves metal

PEARL RIVER COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - The work going on inside an old fashioned shop in Pearl River County is fueled by fire.

"I use a propane forge. It's probably in the neighborhood of 2,800 degrees in there" said Larry House.

Blacksmith Larry House calls it moving metal. The propane forge heats the material and Larry shapes it at Dragon's Watch Forge and Foundry.

"We run blacksmithing projects out of here. We also have a foundry. We cast bronze, aluminum, pewter and iron to make various tools and artwork. I love the fact that I can create, from raw stock something I can put my touch on," House said as he pounds hot metal with a hammer.

Behind the shop, House shows us another forge. This one looks more primitive than the propane forge.

"It's is a coal forge. The coal will actually burn hotter than the propane" said House.

A hand cranked blower fans the flame. Larry enjoys this old school approach to heating metal. This is how its been done for centuries.

Every March Larry and his wife Gwendolyn host what's called Fire in the Swamp out at Dragon's Watch. Artists come from miles around. Whether they work with pottery or metal, if they use fire they'll come to the event on the outskirts of Picayune.

Larry House is keeping the art of blacksmithing alive and well in South Mississippi.

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