No new RV park in Biloxi...for now

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - On Tuesday, the Biloxi City Council voted against rezoning property that would have been used to build an RV park. The council faced a lot of resistance from residents, who didn't want the park in their neighborhood.

This rezoning issue had been tabled for weeks. Many residents who weren't too happy with the idea of the RV park were at the meeting to voice their concerns.

It would have been located on AJ Holloway Drive, near Biloxi High School which is councilman Kenny Glavan's ward, but the council voted 4-3 against the rezoning.

"I like the project, but then I have to weigh the thoughts and the minds of the people who I represent. And in this case, I cannot support it at this time. It may not be the right time," said Glavan.

Johnny Gill is the property owner. He has wanted to build a RV park there for years. He said he is disappointed with the council's decision, but feels the fight is not over.

"We barely lost, but we do have a plan B, and the plan B will be coming up next. Just because you lose one that doesn't necessarily mean you lose the other one," said Gill.

Many neighbors were relieved with the council's vote, but one resident, Christine Davis, said she does not think they have heard the last of this proposal.

"I'm relieved, but like I said I'm still going to be on my guard and watch because I do fear that it will try to come back again, "said Davis.

At this time the property will not be rezoned to build the RV Park, but the property's owner said he isn't finished fighting yet.

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