Mothers want women to know all childbirth options

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Childbirth Coach Maranda Nybo has been helping expectant mothers for 11 years now.

"I talk to a lot of women after their birth and it feels like rape," Nybo said.

She is passionate about helping mothers feel more comfortable during childbirth and getting the word out that there are options in childbirth other than going to a hospital.

For the past two years, Nybo been trying to open Mississippi's first non hospital birthing center.

"I feel like so many women do not have choice during actual birth process," Nybo said. "I feel a lot of doctors and nurses push them into making them do things they don't want."

Nybo joined more than a dozen other women this Labor Day holding signs along Highway 90 in Gulfport to spread the message that you do not have to be induced or have a c-section.

"Do some research, find out what's best for you. Everyone is different," Rally organizer Lindsay Seals said. "I'm not telling you where to give birth, how to give birth. I'm just saying you have options.

Seals, like many mothers at the rally, had a rough experience with childbirth.

"There were interferences that weren't necessary," Seals said, "things that happened that didn't need to happen and I want women to be more informed."

Rachel Lee described her first time giving birth as traumatic, so the second time around she opted for a midwife.

"It was night and day," Lee said.

According to the CDC, cesarean births have been steadily increasing since the mid 90s. In 2007, the number of c-section births hit 32 percent and has remained there.

"Some of that might be money related," Nybo said. "Insurance pays more for c-sections. Doctors don't want to sit and wait. I understand that, but this is still the mom's birth."

These mothers hope by raising awareness, other women find the childbirth method best for them. To find out more about your options when it comes to childbirth, visit:

If you want to contact Nybo, or learn about the Gulf Coast Birth Center, visit:

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