A labor of love on this Labor Day

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Every Labor Day, millions of workers enjoy a day off from work. But millions more are on the job, just like always.

Justin Roland is up before the sun, getting ready to catch the bait he needs for his three shops.

"It's a very busy weekend for us, and we're taking advantage of the extra volume of customers that we see during this time," Roland explained.

It's a job he loves.

"Having the freedom and to be able to come out here and be on the water. There's tough days and it's long and hot, but it's worth it in the end."

Mike Taylor is also working, sprucing up the beach. It's something he takes pride in.

"Keep Harrison County clean," Taylor said. "It's where I live, so we've got to do the right thing. Some of us just have to work."

Car troubles never take a holiday, so auto mechanics don't either. It's a new way of doing things for Jim Bryant.

"Since my wife is working today, it wouldn't have been much of a holiday," Bryant said. "I would prefer to be off on holidays, but that's not the reality in retail anymore."

Laboring on Labor Day comes naturally for Mildred Williams at the coffee shop.

"I pretty much take care of the customers. Open up the store and everything. I love my job. It's not a real hard one at all," Williams said.

The same goes for Melissa James at the Donut shop.

"I'm a people person, I love working with people. I love our employees here, we have a good team here. I love making people happy with the donuts."

Every person that I talked with Monday said they enjoy their jobs, it gives them fulfillment in their lives. But they also express concerns about the future of the American workers.

Simply put, the economy is still struggling, according to Williams.

"The cost of living has gone up. But in regards to your wages, you know it's not balancing out at all. So it's hard right about now."

James agreed, "I think everybody is still struggling a little bit but I think the economy is going to come up soon, hopefully."

As of July, about 11.5 million Americans were out of work, which translates into an unemployment rate of 7.4 percent. On the other hand though, more than 155 million people 16 years of age and older have jobs.

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