Thousands of MS Homeowners File Storm Damage Claims

There are quite a few insurance claims being filed. A couple of examples include Nationwide Insurance which has received about 1,000 damage claims so far. State Farm Insurance has had 1,426 claims.

There are steps homeowners can take to make adding up Ivan's impact easier. After Hurricane Ivan left some unwelcome souvenirs at a Pascagoula home Nationwide Insurance sent Vann Chanthaphanij to assess the damage.

While water ruined sections of the carpet and ceiling wind took its toll on the roof and windows Every bit of damage the adjuster sees will be logged and photographed. Chanthaphanij suggests homeowners point out all their storm damage

"The best way to do it is go ahead and file the insurance claims and the adjuster will come out and tell them what is covered and what is not," said Chanthaphanij. "That way we have that in the record."

Gus Donohoe had his own list. The homeowner wanted to remember all the places in the house where Hurricane Ivan left its mark.

"I just don't want them to have to come back because I failed to tell them something," said Donohoe. "I have my checklist here to let them view everything I have concerns about."

A few years ago Donohoe says his insurance company helped him rise above the damage from Hurricane Georges.

"I was able to file my claim within a week and then have a check to recover my losses within two weeks," he said.

Officials from Nationwide say a common mistake people make is not having enough insurance. They suggest people contact their insurance agent for a home inspection before a natural disaster strikes.