Locals react to Obama's announcement concerning Syria

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Minutes after The President made his announcement concerning Syria, WLOX took to the streets to see how people here on the Gulf Coast felt about the news.

Not long after his announcement, South Mississippians began forming opinions. Jennifer Ericson had this to say about the situation.

"Whether or not we go, I mean that's the decision of congress and the president. But whatever they decide, I think the American people should support them and do what we can to help," said Ericson.

President Obama is seeking a congressional vote on the matter. However, Brian Thomas says he would rather not see the U.S. take action.

"I don't want to see us go into another war, and anything could happen over there. You know, he sends people over there to be peace keepers or try to keep the peace and then our soldiers get killed or our military get assaulted because that's an unstable environment," said Thomas.

Most beach goers said they just want what's best for our country. Ericson says if American soldiers go over there and help Syria, they will be heroes as always.

Paris Love was also enjoying his day on the beach when we met him. He had a message of his own that he wanted to share with the President.

"All I would tell him is to pray about it and whatever decision he makes, I believe the good Lord will be behind him," said Love.

Though almost everyone WLOX talked to had an opinion on the matter, there is still a decision to be made by congress.

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