Pancake breakfast helps support family mourning loss of 3-year-old

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - 3-year old Brooklyn Widel recently lost her life after a tragic accident on August 20th.

"She fell down some stairs and had some brain injuries and they tried to do surgery and she didn't make it," said Tisha Byrd.

As the Widels continue to mourn the loss of the young girl, a community came together for a pancake breakfast to show Brooklyn's mother Meggan Widel that her family is not alone.

"Meggan, you've got tons of people that love you so much and we're all here for you," said Tisha Byrd, Meggan's co-worker and friend.

Inside Applebees in Biloxi, family, friends and even those who don't know the Widels came to help. Each pancake purchased showed the Widel family just how much their community is supporting them during this difficult time.

"We're all one family and when something bad happens, you're not alone," said Elizabeth Cooper.

"It's tragic, I can't even put it into words," said Courtney Lowell, a mother of two.

Lowell said when she heard about Brooklyn's accident, her heart broke. It's something she calls a mother's worst nightmare.

"Oh my gosh, I don't know what I'd say because I can't even imagine," said Lowell. "I heard about the event on Facebook. My friends were making posts. As a mother, I had to come."

With plates full of pancakes, Lowell said she hopes the Widels know they're not alone.

Along with the delicious pancakes and smiling faces, there were donations and even pink Minnie Mouse ribbons worn proudly. It was a breakfast about celebrating the life of a young girl, and reminding everyone the importance of family.

On September 7th, there will be another pancake breakfast for the Widels at the Applebees in Gulfport.

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