HS football fans in Jackson County react to Byrd Indictment

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - While two Jackson County football teams were battling it out on the field, Sheriff Mike Byrd is battling 29 felony charges.

Jackson County resident, Freddy Green, was disappointed to hear about the situation.

"We chose this person and come to find out he's swindling just like half the other politicians. So all we can do is keep on doing it until we get it right I guess," said Green.

Although many fans were reluctant to speak on camera about the indictment, those who did were disturbed by the charges.

Gerald McGee's son plays for Gautier.  He stopped to express his concern on his way into the game.

"I feel that anything that is done in the dark should always come to the light. I think our justice system is good enough where justice shall prevail on anything that the situation may be," said McGee.

Most people at the game said they just want to put their focus on the kids playing and not what was happening in the Jackson County Sheriff's office, but they still want justice to be served in their community.

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