Law enforcers from coast to coast are working to make roads safe

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - It is not hard to spot someone texting while driving or fooling with the radio, even putting on makeup. These distractions are dangerous and law enforcers from California all the way to Florida have a message.

"Zero tolerance. That's what it's going to be," Biloxi Police Chief John Miller said.

This Labor Day weekend highway patrol, sheriff deputies and police officers will be all over the roads making sure everyone is following the law. Checkpoints will target drunk or drugged drivers, and make sure everyone is buckled and has a valid license and insurance.

"It's not about tickets," Gulfport Deputy Chief of Police Chris Loposser said. "It's not about stops. It's about making sure people get where they need to get and get there safely."

That is the goal every day, but the danger increases on holiday weekends. Tripadvisor estimates one third of Americans will travel over the Labor Day weekend and 63 percent will get there by car.

"Your decisions when you are behind the wheel doesn't just affect your family, but other families as well," Mississippi Highway Patrol Public Affairs Director Johnny Poulos said. "Good, responsible decisions. That's all we are asking."

No matter what uniform they wear, law enforcers say working together is the best way to accomplish their goal.

Public Safety Commissioner Albert Santa Cruz said, "Zero fatalities is the main thing; one life is too much to lose."

"I hope the results are we haven't arrested anybody. I hope everybody is safe, no one is injured. I hope the accidents are minimal. I hope the citations we issue are minimal," Chief Miller said. "We shall see."

State troopers will also be riding around undercover in 18 wheelers this weekend to catch those who drive dangerously around trucks.

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