Biloxi police working to deter auto burglaries

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - A recent rash of auto burglaries on one street has Biloxi police doing what they call "intelligence based policing."

They're trying to figure out where the criminals might strike again. Police were out Wednesday to give residents helpful tips to better protect their property.

Many times, police say it's as simple as locking your car door.

"The residents here have complained that some of their vehicles were entered and they wanted us to take a more pro active approach on it," said Captain Bruce Johnson.

Biloxi police officers' pro-active approach is to educate residents on and near Corley and McDonell Avenues about ways to protect their property.

Johnson says in 58 percent of their cases, the cars were unlocked. He believes all 10 auto burglaries last week were what they call "crimes of opportunity."

"Someone will go up and pull a car door and if it's unlocked, they'll go into it and if it not; they won't," said Johnson.

That's why Biloxi police made 300 flyers and distributed them throughout this neighborhood just north of Pass Road. They hope to educate everyone on how to better protect their property.

"So we've got some suggestions on it like, you never leave your car unlocked. I know it can be a pain sometimes, but you just never do because a burglar like that is just looking for an easy score. If he's got to do anything other than pull a door, he's going to go on to the next vehicle," said Johnson.

Johnson also says to never leave any valuables in your vehicle like cell phones or iPads. He says many assume that if a neighborhood has been hit with auto burglaries in the past, they'll move on to another area.

"That's not true, if they find an easy target they will often come back in the near future to hit it again," said Johnson.

He also said to never leave a weapon in your vehicle unattended.

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