Tax protest challenges assessment of several properties

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - A tax protest by the City of Biloxi, challenging the assessment of more than a dozen properties is taking place before the Harrison County board of supervisors.

The discussion has been contentious at times. Biloxi community development director Jerry Creel is asking supervisors to review the valuation on a variety of properties, some which were given a "zero" valuation.

Supervisor Kim Savant said it appears there's been a lack of communication between the city and county tax assessor, Tal Flurry. Creel told supervisors it appears there's no consistency in the methodology used to determine property assessment.

Board attorney, Tim Holleman, says the number of assessments being challenged by the city is minuscule when you consider the 100,000 parcels in Harrison County that are evaluated by the assessor.

WLOX Reporter Steve Phillips is covering this protest. Looking for his full story later today on WLOX News and

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