Off The Air With Danielle Thomas

She shoots behind the cameras, reports from in front of it and occasionally you can find her performing her music at one of South Mississippi's night clubs. Danielle Thomas took some time out of her busy schedule in this Off the Air With Danielle Thomas.

What do you do on your days off?

DT: Shopping.. I like to shop....too much actually. I like to hang out with friends. I do a lot of errands because with my schedule sometimes it's hard to do things through the week. So if I want to get my hair done, I have to do it on that day off, grocery shopping.. stuff like that. There's always something that I need to do. I don't always do it, but there's something to do.

When is your grocery day?

DT: Usually it's pretty close to payday (laughs). I actually like to shop late at night. I like shopping late because.. I don't know.. usually like the lines are shorter, it's not so frenzied, and I can kinda relax take my time. I don't spend a whole lot of time in there.

Laundry Day?

DT: As needed. I don't have a washing machine in my apartment.. they have a facility on the grounds, but they just went up (in price). So if I absolutely have to I'll either wash there or another place nearby.. usually I just save it up for my trip home to Laurel on my days off. (laughs) where it's free you know?

Laundry Disasters?

DT: My bad thing is not washing it like it says on the care label. Lately I've gotten more aware of when I'm shopping looking at the care labels because I don't like a lot of hassle. So I'll actually..instead of picking up something just because I think it's cute and it fits.. the third criteria is the care level. Because right now I have so much stuff that I have to hand wash and a lot of stuff that needs dry cleaning so it's a pain. And so I find that I'm doing a lot more hand washing and stuff like that. There'll be times when I'm sorting and not only do I have to sort whites and darks but you know what can and can not be washed and every now and then.. something will slip through and then it comes out of the washing machine and it's ruined and I have to toss it out.

What is your favorite kind of music?

DT: I love music.. so many types of music, it would be really hard to tell. I actually write music. And I've recorded a couple of songs. I actually play sometimes at different places here on the COAST and I have songs that are country that I've written, that are R&B, that are more like Alternative songs. I like songs that I write to have a message, something I think will stick with people or make people think.

What songwriter or singer would you look up to?

DT: One of my favorite song writers is Marvin Gaye just because his songs go so in depth and they're so universal to people everywhere. I like the kind of songs that whether it was written 20 years ago or 20 years from now it will still be relevant and pertinent and I think a lot of his music is. I think for me I admire artists more that write their own music versus just have somebody hand them something. Because it's a piece of you. I also like Sheryl Crow a lot, I'm a big Sheryl Crow fan. I like her because she's a woman, plays her own instrument and takes charge.

What instruments can you play?

DT: I play guitar and actually when I was a lot younger I played the violin. Yeah I played for about 3 years, but I never really took to the violin.

First time you sang/performed in public?

DT: I don't really remember the very first time. I saw a Marquee at one of the hotels around here that they were having a songwriters night and I decided to try it out. I still deal with being nervous every time even though I've not only gone to that one but several others. But I've always been a big talker. In high school, I did plays, public speaking, debate, so I feel confident talking to people. I can get in front of a room full of people. I am confident more in my speaking than in my playing and singing, but probably since I haven't been doing it as long. I'm still building up that confidence.

First album as a teen?

DT: I don't remember my first album.. but I used to listen to Bel Biv Divo, Gin Blossoms and Alannis Morisette.

Do you sing in the car?

DT: Oh yeah.. all the time. I don't get weird stares.. I get people laughing with me. Sometimes I'm by myself or in the car with friends and we'll just jam out like we're having the time of our lives..

In a 3 legged race between Marcia Hill and Brad Kessie and Steve Phillips and Trang Pham Bui?

DT: That'd be kinda hard. Because I think Steve and Trang would work better together and they'd be competitive and hard working. But Brad is kinda a sore loser so he would do anything he could not to lose and they might even let him win so they wouldn't have to hear all the griping afterwards.

What was your first car you ever drove?

DT: The first time I ever drove was in the Driver's Ed car and I had never driven before. My poor driver's ed teacher spent a lot of time hitting the brake on her side. My mother I guess didn't want to take the time to teach me to drive, she wanted Driver's Ed to do it for her, but you know Driver's Ed is supposed to enhance your driving not teach you how to drive.

So you had never driven a car ever before???

DT: I had never.. I think I had cranked up a car once before I got in a car. I remember the first time I got in there my teacher said.. "Danielle That's Their side of the road!" But

Have you ever met any famous people?

DT: I actually saw Gin Blossoms in concert and I met the lead singer. I'm not a big celebrity autograph person, but I decided to go and get the lead singer Robin Wilson's autograph and I told him that he had inspired me to learn to play the guitar. Because the first song I learned to play was a Gin Blossom's song called "Found Out About Y

What's the last movie you went to see?

DT: Dodgeball. And it was horrible. I wanted to walk out so bad. It was so not funny. I wanted to leave but I didn't want to walk out on my friends that I came with.

Favorite Movie of all times?

DT: It's A Wonderful Life.. that Christmas movie. The strangest thing is that movie comes on every year and it used to come on several times at Christmas until NBC got exclusive rights to show it. Every time I watch that movie I cry like a baby at the end you know when all the friends bring him the money. And I don't understand it.. because it's not like I don't know that it's going to happen and like I haven't seen it a million times like my whole life. But every single time at the end of the movie, I just get teary eyed and everything. It just reminds me of how you don't know.. you know he did so much for so many people and he didn't realize that until he needed help.

What cds are in your car right now?

DT: I have some of my CD's that I've recorded,  Sheryl Crow, Lenny Kravitz, Avril, Nelly, P-Diddy, Mariah Carey.

Favorite TV shows?

DT: I have gotten into a lot of the reality stuff. I've been bitten by it. Not all of it. I don't really like any of those love shows anymore. I watched a little of the Bachelor when it first came on, but now they hardly ever stay together so it seems very superficial. The only one I've ever seen that I would ever consider being on would be the Apprentice. I like the fact that they have the strategies and techniques and sometimes they can have a plan that can go so well and everything still fall apart. And I also like Survivor. I like watching it, but I would never do it because I have a very weak stomach and all that stuff they eat.. I just couldn't do it. And I like the designer shows and stuff because I like to see what people can do with a little bit of money. I've actually used some of the techniques, like I bought some dining chairs and some material and I stapled them and redid my chairs.

Favorite cartoon character?

DT: Donald Duck

Disney Movie?

DT: Mary Poppins

If you were a cartoon character.. who would you be?

DT: Minne Mouse, because she's prissy and has long eyelashes.

What's at the bottom of your closet?

DT: Let's see.. a keyboard, sewing machine, crochet, sewing supplies, paint and pain brushes.. I think that's about it. Just various items from all of my hobbies.

Most visited fast food restaurant?

DT: Wendy's.

Do you cook?

DT: Sometimes.. not a lot. I haven't figured out how to cook small portions yet.

What is your most prized possession?

DT: A letter my grandmother wrote me when I was a little girl. She's now deceased and it's just nice to have something from her like that. It's really special to me. I keep it in my scrapbook.

What frightens you the most?

DT: Bugs! I'm not a roughing person at all! I have never been camping in my life.. never intend to. I'm scared of bears even though I've never even been close to one in my life. All of that outdoor stuff.. I just say no.

Worst habit?

DT: I have a couple of bad habits. I'm a Procrastinator. Sometimes I spend more money than I should. And I can be a smart alec. I have a bad smart alec tongue.

What's your biggest pet peeve?

DT: I hate seeing people throw their cigarette buts out the window. I've done a couple of clean up stories about people cleaning up the beach or their neighborhoods. I hate seeing people work all day to clean up and then right after it's clean a person throws trash or cigarettes out their window. So that is one of my biggest pet peeves.. that and people who don't use their turn signal!

What are you most passionate about?

DT: Writing music. I love writing period. I've been writing poetry since I was seven. My first poem was called "Diamonds". I always loved English class, and writing papers. I guess that's what led me to becoming a Jo

Dream job?

DT: I would have to say being an MTV Celebrity Interviewer or just some kind of job where they get to travel and interview famous people. I love going to foreign places!

Dream vacation?

DT: Somewhere warm.. I hate cold weather. There are only two places I've lived..Mississippi and Southern California. So I would like to go on a nice vacation to somewhere warm.. like an island or Mexico even. I am bilingual so that would be nice.

Have you ever won anything?

DT: A few times.. I won first place in a speech competition in High School. I beat out five guys for that. I was also voted in the Top 10 Beauties in High School. And I scored the highest on the National Spanish Exam.

Wow! That's fantastic. Well I've learned a lot. That's all I have .. thanks for taking the time out to be Off the Air.