Pascagoula man crashes car into apartment building

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Residents of Cotita Apartments in Pascagoula got the scare of their life Saturday when a man drove his vehicle into the building.

Police say the driver, 20-year-old Austin Kilpatrick, was arrested after the accident for disorderly conduct. Now, investigators are trying to figure out whether the crash was an accident or intentional.

"There was a loud crash and I went what the hell," said Gabe Kopchinski.

Kopchinski still finds it hard to believe that a car ended up inside her section of this Pascagoula apartment complex while she was napping.

"I smelled something leaking like Freon, and then I went outside to see what it was. There was a whole little car sitting in the apartment next door," Kopchinski said.

A group of young people say they were outside when the crash happened. They immediately pulled out their cell phones to record what they witnessed.

"The car was going and all of sudden it said boom," said one of the teens.

Police said 20-year-old Austin Kilpatrick is reportedly responsible for the crash. The question puzzling investigators at this point is why did he do it?

"Before he hit the apartment complex, he was in a dispute with his girlfriend. The girlfriend did not live at the apartment complex, so it is unknown what the motive was that led him into the complex," said Pascagoula Police officer Shannon Massey.

After the crash, police said Kilpatrick wouldn't obey police orders.

"He became belligerent. He ended up being arrested for disorderly conduct," said police.

There could be more trouble ahead for Kilpatrick.

"It is going to be through the investigation portion as far as determining if he had a medical problem that caused them to have accident, or if he intentionally wanted to ram the apartment complex, which would be a malicious act," said police.

Luckily, no one was injured. Now, the Pascagoula apartment complex has an oversized hole in it along with damaged appliances.

Some tenants admit they are still shaken up by this crash.

"I am a little nervous and jumpy whenever I see lights coming into my windows," said one of the residents.

The manager of the complex said the building sustained more than $20,000 in damages. The repairs will begin tomorrow.

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