AARP hosts presentation on how to make your home "Liveable for a Lifetime"

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - More than 50 AARP members were at the Biloxi Civic Center Saturday learning how to adjust their homes to last a lifetime. As part of a program called HomeFit, they were able to learn various techniques on how to make their home "fit" to live forever.

Spokesman for AARP, Ronda Gooden, said these workshops are very beneficial to teach their members the importance of always having a safe home.

It's to inform people how to design their homes or update their homes so that they can age in them as they get older. We want them to live comfortably as they get older without having any falls or injuries," said Gooden.

According to AARP, falls are the leading cause of injury deaths among people 65 years and older. They are also the most common cause of non-fatal injuries and hospital admissions. Louise Butler, has been a member of AARP for almost 20 years. She feels workshops like this are very helpful.

"I wanted to make sure that I was able to do everything possible before I get to the point of maybe being disabled and make sure that my car was physically fit, and just general knowledge to make sure everything goes smoothly in older age," said Butler.

Gooden said people have gotten valuable information from the workshops. They leave with the actual PowerPoint presentation, a brochure and a phone number that they can call and there is also a website that they can visit for more information.

Workshop attendants were also able to learn how to avoid frauds and scams which is very common amongst senior citizens. For more information you can CLICK AARP.

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