New Bill Could Mean A New Name For The Coast Coliseum

The Mississippi Senate passed a bill Thursday that could bring a sponsor name and money to public buildings.The bill would allow city or county centers like the Coast Coliseum to sell naming rights to corporate sponsors.

Right now, sponsors appear on marquee's outside and the scoreboard inside the coliseum. But director Bill Holmes says that more than 50 coliseums already have corporate sponsors.

"We are not tax supported. We don't get any money from the state, the county, or the city," coliseum director Bill Holmes said. "The board of supervisors does help us out, and they helped us out considerably this year. But there are no funds that come into this facility for operations."

The city of Tupelo renamed its center the "Bankcorp South Center" in 1999 in exchange for $2.5 million from the company over 12 years.