Gulfport Police get a new Summer look

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - It's the same police force, but only a different look.

"It is a light weight polo shirt, blue with the Gulfport patch on it, and a pair of khaki cargo shorts," said Gulfport Patrolman Matthew Boone describing the force's new Summer uniforms.

Boone says he's thrilled to have lighter and cooler apparel for his very serious job.

"Policing is a very stressful job and anytime we can make officers more comfortable whether it's uniforms, equipment," said Boone.

Boone has worked with the Gulfport Police Department for almost 5 years and says the typical class-A uniforms can get hot and uncomfortable. But, these new uniforms, used to cover special events, will be crucial in the South Mississippi heat.

"Of course any of the music festivals we have, CPR fest, Gulfport Music Fest. When we do road blocks, we're standing out in the heat for long periods of time," said Boone.

The Summer uniforms are just one of the changes Gulfport Police Chief Leonard Papania has made since he stepped in as chief in May.

"Everybody knows we are quite the event city now with Jones Park," said Chief Papania. "So, we're going to try them down there. Probably you're going to see them on our road blocks."

Chief Papania said these uniforms will not be used for all endeavors of law enforcement.

"It's important that the public recognizes that it's a Gulfport uniform and Gulfport officers wearing it," said Chief Papania. "It's the same people just different clothing."

With that different uniform, Boone is grateful. He's assured he has the same attitude, just a different look.

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