Evans sentenced to death for killing landlord

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Death by lethal injection is the fate that awaits Timothy Evans. The jury that found him guilty Thursday of robbing and killing his 70-year-old landlord, sentenced him to death Friday for the 2010 crime.

For the loved ones of his victim, Wenda Holling, it was the decision they wanted to hear.

Timothy Evans stood emotionless as Judge Lisa Dodson read the jury's decision as if he expected it.

"Beyond a reasonable doubt and is sufficient to impose the death penalty. And we further find unanimously that the defendant should suffer death," Judge Dodson read.

Just minutes after Evans was sentenced to death, he expressed his remorse to the victim's family.

"Every day since this has happened I've regretted it, and I've prepared for this day. I loved her at one time. I know I've hurt you every one of you in her family; I am truly sorry for that," said Evans.

Wenda Holling's children spent this week listening to the horrific details of their mother's death. But Friday, they left the courthouse pleased that justice was served.

"They sentence today was very fitting. It does not bring our mother back, but it brings her rest in peace to know her killer was found and prosecuted appropriately," explained Holling's daughter, Melissa Brimmer.

District Attorney Joel Smith said the jury carefully weighed the evidence in the case and handed down a sentenced that, hopefully, will give the victim's family the closure they need.

"We take no pleasure in seeking the death sentenced for any defendant, but as the victim's family said, this was justice today. And this jury gave justice to not only Timothy Evans, but to them as a family, but most importantly to Wenda Holling," said District Attorney Joel Smith.

Evan's defense attorneys declined to comment about the sentence.

The sentence marked the first time in nearly 25 years a jury in Hancock County has imposed the death penalty.

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