The blues live in Bay St. Louis

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - A historical marker sits in front of a special building on Union Street in Bay St. Louis.

The 100 Men Hall is part of the Mississippi Blues Trail, a program that celebrates Mississippi's rich musical heritage.

The hall was added to the trail on June 17th 2011. That designation gave historical significance to the building.

"The thing that is interesting about the 100 Men Hall is that it is one of the few original music venues still standing, let alone still having shows," said owner Kerrie Loya.

She and her husband, Jessie, bought this building after Hurricane Katrina tore it to shreds.

"Jessie said we have to buy this place. I walked up to it and it was so bad. No roof. No Windows. No doors," Loya told us.

The Loyas saved the building from demolition. They restored it to resemble the original hall built back in the 1920s.

At one time it was a hot spot for blues legends, and still is.

The hall hosts monthly concerts, bringing the blues to Bay St. Louis.

"It's exciting because we get so many out of town visitors. We get a lot on international visitors because we are on the blues trail," said Kerrie Loya.

Jessie and Kerrie also live at the hall. In the back of the building the couple constructed a residence.

Jessie says he searched for materials from the area.

"I found old doors and windows. I stumbled on wood and other items," said Loya.

It's so unique that a television crew from HGTV is scheduled to shoot a segment at the 100 Men Hall for the series 'You Live in What?'

HGTV will be in Bay St. Louis in September.

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