Ivan Puts Damper On Shrimpers

Although the shrimpers did not want to speak on camera, they said the recent storm pushed a lot of water into their shrimping area, bringing with it an overload of jellyfish.

Jellyfish are weighing down and even tearing shrimp nets.

And so, they say time and fuel is wasted on many of their trips out on the Gulf because they cannot drag for shrimp too long due to the jellyfish.

Since Hurricane Ivan moved away from the Mississippi Coast, these shrimpers are only bringing in 60 to 100 pounds of shrimp each day, as opposed to a normal 300 to 500 pounds.

They say the remedy would be a cold front to come through and push some of the water back out into the Gulf.

And so, they are patiently waiting on Mother Nature to have a little mercy.

The shrimpers wanted us to remind everyone that they are still open for business with quality shrimp.

But they, like everyone else, are hoping for the best in the remainder of the hurricane season.