Perk Students Head Back To Evacuated Dorms

For many students at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College , getting out of Ivan's way was a long, tiring and somewhat frightening experience.

This past week more than 600 students were asked to leave their dorms on the Perkinston campus.

However, for many of them going home was not an option because of evacuation orders.

Kylee Carpenter's suitcase was full of last minute decisions on what to pack.

"It was crazy," said Carpenter. "I had so much stuff to put in the car and I didn't know what to bring home and what to leave in the dorm."

On Sunday, students checked back into the dorms they'd evacuated earlier in the week.

For some students going home to places like Mobile and Ocean Springs seemed too dangerous so they decided to get out of area all together.

Amanda Stout and her family went to North Mississippi.

"It was real crazy and traffic was horrible. Stopping at every gas station there was a million people everywhere and it was just really hard to move around," she said.

Already tired from travel, some students say just getting back to campus was another ordeal

"No gas stations were open in Mobile so I had to wait to get to Mississippi," said Alexandria Phelps. "I was right on 'E' so I was trying the best I could."

Chastity Hanton is breathing a sigh of relief. Her school is still standing and her friends are safe.

"I kept in touch with them over the storm so I knew everybody was okay," said Hanton.

Most students had evacuated by Tuesday but not all. Because their families live too far away, a handful of students had to stay here and ride out the storm in a campus shelter.

Oswald McCaskill's parents couldn't come get him from Clarksdale.

"I've never really been in a hurricane before so when the wind started picking up real hard I started to worry but it calmed down," he said.

During the storm Dees Hall also served as a shelter for college faculty and their families.