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Rookie JPD Officer honored

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Back in June, 32-year-old Jackson Police Officer Itohan Omorogbe-Osagie had barely been on the job four months when she and her partner, Officer Michael Moore, got a call about a missing woman. The officers went to the woman's boyfriend's house in the 200 block of Georgia Avenue.

Upon arriving, they knocked on the door. A man answered and said he hadn't seen the woman for a few days. But Officer Omorogbe-Osagie says he seemed nervous, and he kept changing his story about the last time he saw her. The officers asked to search the home, and he agreed.

The officers found the woman in a closet.

"She was scared and shocked. When we found her she told us she had been in the closet for three days, she had not eaten, she had a big gash on her eye. She just started crying," said Officer Omorogbe-Osagie.

Jackson Police Assistant Chief Lee Vance says Omorogbe-Osagie and Moore went the extra mile that day, and possibly saved a life. They have both received Certificates of Commendation from JPD. It's considered a high honor for an officer of Omorogbe-Osagie's short tenure.

"What they did exemplified what we're looking for in Jackson Police Officers," said Chief Vance. "I they had just gone out there and went through the motions, who knows, the woman might be in the same condition than she was when they got there. As you know we lost some officers recently. That always illustrates what a dangerous job this is. But this is also a great illustration of some people we have with dedication to duty."

Omorogbe-Osagie is a graduate of Jackson State University. She says she came to this country ten years ago for opportunity, and JPD has provided her path.

"I'm trying to become a homicide detective," she tells us. "They have the finest police officers in Jackson, and they know what they do."

The victim's boyfriend was arrested for simple assault. He contacted our news room and gave a different version of events. He says the woman ran into the closet after a fight, and that she had not been in the closet for days.

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