Are You Covered?

Insurance relief is definitely on the minds of hundreds of people throughout the Gulf Coast affected by the triple threat of hurricanes Ivan, Charley, and Frances.

But if you are without any type of home or property insurance, especially during this active hurricane season, insurance representatives say do not waste anymore time getting some type of coverage.

"Now is the perfect time as a matter of fact. Homeowners and renters alike. There is a big misconception among renters especially because we've received a lot of phone calls among renters today. They have the idea that their property and their homes are covered under their landlords policy and that's simply not true. Their property must be covered under a renter's policy that is fairly inexpensive," said Allstate Insurance Company representative Michael Brewer.

Brewer says renter's insurance covers things such as electronics, clothing, and other personal items that may be damaged or destroyed in natural disasters.

And the cost only depends on the type of coverage required.

For those of you with insurance, here are a few tips to help the filing claims process go a bit smoother: Review and know your policy and policy number, have a good inventory of all of your property and be sure to update that policy each year, and be patient.

Claims are handled based on priority- priority being with those in unlivable conditions.