Review of Evacuation Traffic Plan On The Way

Law enforcement, elected officials, and others plan to share their thoughts on how well Mississippi's traffic evacuation plan worked during Hurricane Ivan and how that plan could be improved.

Traffic backed up for miles along Mississippi highways this week when thousands of drivers took to the roads to escape the storm.

A Highway Patrol spokesman says the main problem area was Hattiesburg where Highway 49, Intestate 59, and Highway 98 intersect.

"The biggest problem is you have too many cars for what the roads was designed for," said Sgt. Joe Gazzo. "If you had a disaster on the Interstate and had to come down on 90 there would be too many cars for 90 and it would be jammed up. So sometimes you can't do a whole lot where there are too many cars."

Gazzo says the meeting between the State Highway Patrol and cities like Gulfport, Hattiesburg and Jackson has not yet been scheduled.