Mobile Shelter Has Frightening Experience

As if Ivan wasn't enough, Friday night brought another frightening experience for Mobile residents who had evacuated their homes.

The Red Cross's shelter for special needs patients lost power.

"The school generator went out on us. It left us in total darkness, but we were able to get another smaller generator here to accommodate the medical needs of some of the residents here, " Red Cross volunteer Julie Overstreet says.

And no one knows how long that generator's going to last.

"Boom. The generator went out, so there were no lights," Timothy Beuk exclaims.

Luckily most of the 22 hundred people who stayed here earlier in the week had their electricity restored and went home.

Those who weren't so lucky are still waiting to see when they can leave.

"They can't go home, because they don't have power. It's things they need for breathing. We all need to breath," Mobile Resident Timothy Beuk says.

Alabama Power is working as hard as it can to restore electricity to Mobile.

At the same time,  residents with power like Darleen Moore have invited the rest of the special needs citizens in the shelter to stay at her home.

"We have to help each other. Otherwise, what good are we?" Darleen Moore asks.

They didn't know each other before Hurricane Ivan, but it doesn't matter now.

They've all learned that helping each other is the only way they can all make it through the tough times.