Road work near George Co. High to be finished by Friday

GEORGE COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - It is race against the clock in George County as construction crews work to finish a major road redesign to improve traffic flow in and out of George County High School. The hope is that Antioch Road is ready for folks to travel to Friday night's first football game of the season.

"Antioch Road is being used as alternate route for parent pickup, and also a few buses in the afternoon do use Antioch to come around and pickup students. It definitely needed some upgrades," Principal Kiley Hughes said.

"Whenever I was driving on this road, it would make a bump, bump, bump noise," Wendy Harper said.

Wendy Harper and Doree Mizell live feet away from the busy road and they've seen and heard how crazy things can get during rush hour traffic.

"It is really narrow right down here where the buses travel back and forth and blocks your fairway," Mizell said.

"If you didn't watch it and didn't slow down really good, you would knock into the holes. One time I thought I messed my car up," Harper said about the road.

To help smooth out the road and stop traffic jams, county officials are paying for the road crew to lay tons of asphalt, widen the road and add a turning lane.

"Always, you keep safety in mind when you are thinking about a road and trying to fix to where it will be better and stop people from getting irritated. So I am trying to help all those things," George County Supervisor Henry Cochran said.

These men are working non-stop to seal all the cracks, holes and make sure the other minor road repairs are done just in time for the first football game of the season on Friday.

"We are going to have anywhere from a couple of thousand cars on campus, and they are going to need more than one access in and out,  and it's definitely going to help them in that area," said Principal Hughes.

Help and road relief these folks said are long overdue. The county is also improving the drainage and adding concrete coverts in the area to prevent washouts.

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