Looking for Biloxi history in the rubble

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Eight years after Hurricane Katrina ravaged the old city hall annex in downtown Biloxi, the building is finally being demolished. A specialist is working with the crew to learn what secrets might be beneath the rubble.

"You never know," said Archaeologist Sarah Price. "It's like fishing. Some days you catch something; Some days you don't."

Price has been called in to search for artifacts that might be hidden on the site of the 70-year-old city hall annex in downtown Biloxi. The building, damaged by Katrina, has been demolished. As the slab is removed, Price will be there to document any significant discoveries.

"History belongs to everybody. It's part of the community. I think it's a non-renewable resource. Once it's gone, it's gone," Price said. "As they are taking up the slab, we may never know what might be there."

Because FEMA is paying for the demolition with federal money, the National Historic Preservation Act requires archeological participation.

What might Price find?

"There could be pre-historic sites. We might find pottery or arrowheads. There could be old wells where people dumped garbage. Those are treasure troves of information. There may be nothing down there," said Price.

Price is always looking for a nugget that tells a story about an area. There's no telling what she might stumble on in a place with Biloxi's rich history.

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