Gulfport mopping up what Sunday's storm left behind

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Some of the worst flooding in South Mississippi on Sunday may have been just west of downtown Gulfport. WLOX News heard from several people in west Gulfport who had water splashing into their homes.

One of the flood victims was William Harold.  He lives on 42nd Avenue near Memorial Hospital.  Video from his neighborhood showed some of the spots where water covered his yard, and several other yards.

In Harold's case, that water got into his home.

"We're in a low lying area, so it floods from time to time. But I got up and there was actually two inches of water in the den. So we grabbed all the towels we could and started sopping up what we could," he said.

At the nearby Seabee base, the streets in base housing were covered by flood waters.  So were plenty of other streets on the west side of Gulfport.  The American Red Cross sent staff and volunteers into that area to pass out clean-up supplies.  A second Red Cross mobile team visited homes near Tegarden Road.

Gulfport Mayor Billy Hewes wanted us to pass along this reminder. If you live in the city, and you have a flooding emergency that needs immediate attention, dial 311. A city representative will take your information and send out assistance.