PSC: Deal in the works to buy out TESI

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - The MS Public Service Commission confirms that a company called Utility Services LLC is working on a deal to take over Total Environmental Solutions Incorporated – better known as TESI.  And once that deal is negotiated and approved by state regulators, Utility Services will make improvements to several privately owned water systems across the state.

TESI currently provides water in areas like Gulf Park Estates and Windance.  Over the years, the PSC has cited it numerous times for water system violations.  The PSC's Chief of Staff Jay McKnight tells WLOX News Utility Services has sent out two notices to customers explaining the improvements it will make once it buys out TESI.

"As a company, they have failed to achieve standard goals," McKnight said, referring to TESI.  "And the record will reflect that."

On Friday, WLOX News focused on an area near Windance where recurring water problems had frustrated neighbors.  "She's got a legitimate complaint," McKnight said, "We're trying to get her some relief."

McKnight says TESI is under orders from the PSC and other regulatory agencies to fix its water system issues.  However, if this deal is negotiated, McKnight has been told Utility Services would like to make those water system improvements.  According to the PSC chief of staff, Utility Services made that request so it could be certain the work was done properly.

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