Pascagoula Family Hit Twice, By Ivan, Then Looters

"We had to leave and go to the shelter," resident Charolette Fluker says.

The Cook family headed to a temporary shelter in a hurry after Hurricane Ivan damaged the roof and sent water rushing in. Friday they came home in a hurry.

"Somebody came over here this morning to check. They came to the shelter and got us and told us that our door was wide open," Fluker says.

Their apartment had been robbed. The Cook family took us up to see just what they found when they came home.

"That is were my tv was, they just took the cable box loose and put it on the bed," Fluker says.

"The TVs, the DVDs, Playstation, the Xbox. It doesn't make sense," resident Kimberly Young says.

"I'm a single mother, I've got three kids. When my kids come back I've got now where for them to lay their heads. I'm in a shelter. When they come back, all of their stuff is gone, the little stuff that they did have," LaShandra Cook says.

The cook family says what annoys them the most is that they knew it would happen and they didn't want to leave. But as you can see the floor is completely flooded, the roof has been damaged and because of this the apartment manager told them they had to, but that policemen would be patrolling.

"They drove around, they shined the lights, they went in each street shining lights on all of the apartments and they came out, each one," Resident Edith Claiborne says.

Although the Pascagoula Police Department says they patrolled the area as much as they could, the patrolling must not have worked. Residents remember seeing the patrol cars, but the Cooks don't understand how come no one saw the looters.

"We're right here in the front. You can see everything. But nobody saw anything," Cook says.

"I'm at a total loss here anyway, so whatever we had here we were going to salvage and now it's gone," Fluker says.

The damage is done both by Ivan and the looters. All the cook family can do now is hope help is on the way.