Long Time Marina Weathers Another Storm

Power crews were a welcome sight at the Mary Walker Marina in Gautier. Marina owner Gayle Pipkin says the power was off when she came home Thursday after fleeing to Meridian to get away from Hurrican Ivan.

"Hopefully by tonight we may have some power and some cable so we can watch what's going on in the world," Pipkin says.

While she was gone, Pipkin says she wondered what was going on at the marina she and her husband have owned for nine years. When she got back, she found tin awnings blown from boat slips scattered everywhere. And Pipkin's house has roof damage.

Pipkin says, "We might have expected a lot worse probably, but we were thankful that we didn't have anymore damage than we did because we heard what it had done in Mobile and Pensacola and if it had hit here that hard we would have had no marina left."

In his 40 years working at the marina, Leon Mendenhall has seen a lot of storms and the damage they leave behind.

"I have seen it a lot worser than this and this is a little damage but I have seen it a lot worse," he says.

David Guess docks his boat Fool's Gold at the marina. He says some people might think he's a fool for staying on board during a hurricane. But Guess says, believe it or not, it's not bad.

"I've rode two of 'em out here. I've had little or no trouble. Actually, people go 'does the boat ever rock' and I say 'honestly, no.' There's a lot of wind above ya but down in the water it's really not that bad, never felt worried for anything."

Guess says Ivan's turn to the east saved his boat and the marina.