Tropical wave expected to track into Gulf of Mexico

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - There's a tropical wave in the Western Caribbean, and it has potential to strengthen. The wave is tracking into the Gulf of Mexico.

WLOX meteorologists have been monitoring a large area of convection that has been organizing over the Western Caribbean. As of Wednesday afternoon, it was looking more and more likely that it would develop into a tropical cyclone.

Most of the models have the storm tracking over the Yucatan before reemerging into open waters. Depending on how much this land mass actually interferes with the storm's momentum, it may have trouble strengthening once it gets back over the water.

There are several different factors that may come into play over the next couple of days that could impact the storm's intensity and track.

A trough which has brought much cooler temperatures and heavy rain to South Mississippi is digging into the Gulf of Mexico. This brings another challenge to meteorologists as it has the potential to dictate both its track and intensity.

This is where the models begin to disagree. Some track the system into the Western Gulf of Mexico, threatening the Mexican coastline while others have the storm moving into our direction.

The bottom line is there is a lot of uncertainty at this point. But the meteorologists at WLOX are watching this storm and will have the very latest as the information becomes available.

The best thing for us to do here in South Mississippi is to have a plan, know your plan and be prepared to put that plan into action. Remember that you may download the WLOX News and weather apps to your smart phones where you can watch our live stream wherever you are.

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