Biloxi Homeowner Shot In Burglary Attempt

An attempted burglary turned violent today when two suspects allegedly shot a homeowner. Forty-year-old Dung Nguyen is in critical condition at Biloxi Regional Medical Center.

Police say before 19-year-old Tony Nguyen and 33-year-old Loi Quoc Tran shot the 40 year old, then tied up two of his children.

Whether the suspects knew the family is still being investigated.

"Apparently the two suspects forced their way in the door when it was answered by a juvenile. At that point, after they forced their way in, they restrained a couple of victims. There were some injured that were involved during the home invasion," David Prahl with the Biloxi Police Department said.

Police found the suspects hiding in some bushes a couple of blocks from the scene. Investigators say they did recover two guns.

Tony Nguyen and Loi Quoc Tran will be charged with burglary, armed robbery and aggravated assault.