Are you willing to pay more for better roads?

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - When you put gas in your car, you're paying 18 cents per gallon in taxes to the state. That's the same amount you've paid since 1987.

Some lawmakers want to increase the tax by at least a dime, with the additional $220 million in annual revenue being used for state road improvements and maintenance.

Many state roadways certainly need a makeover. A tax hike could help the process, but it would come out of the pockets of Mississippi drivers.  Some don't think a dime is too much to ask.

"There's other roads around that are hard to get through because of the damage to the roads so the increase of 10 cents or whatever it may be is by no means a problem," said Alicia Salisbury.

Jerome Cunningham agrees as he fills his gas tank.

"I would like to pay 10 cents more a gallon because the roads in Mississippi need to be worked on.  There's a lot of them that's torn up," said Cunningham.

Most of the drivers WLOX spoke with Tuesday said they would be willing to pay more in gasoline taxes to Mississippi, as long as all the money went to road improvements.

Others were steadfastly against the idea.

"I think we pay enough taxes right now as it is. I mean, working people can hardly afford to buy gas to go to work if you have to drive around going to work," said Sidney Vanderslice.

"I'm against it 100 percent. For the simple fact that they get too much on it as it is. If you stop and figure, the gas doesn't cost what it does at the pump for them to manufacture it. The taxes that are added in is what brings it up so much," said Terry Creel.

Others think bad roadways cause more damage to a car, making the repairs more expensive than any tax hike would be in the first place.

"I would be willing to pay a dime extra because it would benefit people like us that drive the cars with rims and stuff on them, the import cars that come with the rims and the holes in the road damaging them," said Cartina Glover.

"Well, I think it shouldn't be a problem. I think I'd be willing to pay the extra cents, the extra 10 cents, I think so," said Angeles Esparza as she filled her gas tank.

Better roads or cheaper gas prices? It's a choice that Mississippians could soon be facing.

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