Georgia's New Flag Turns Spotlight On Mississippi

In less than three months, Mississippians will vote on the fate of our state flag. Should the current banner, with the confederate battle emblem stay or should we fly the proposed new design?

Georgia lawmakers decided to tackle the flag issue in the state capitol.  Lawmakers in Mississippi say that's fine for them.

"Each situation is different," Sen. Terry Burton of Newton says.  "Each state deals with their issues in a different way. I don't think their decision will have any impact on ours. I applaud their effort to move forward and take care of the issue in the legislative process."

Mississippians will decide the flag's future at the ballot box, and that's a decision many lawmakers stand by.

"I stand 100 percent behind the decision of letting our people vote," Rep. Steve Holland of Plantersville says.  "I think we did the right thing, and I think the people will make the right decision.  I think Mississippians sill stand behind whatever decision that is."

"The situation was a lot different in that we had public hearings across the state to determine what might need to be done," Sen Burton says.  "In those public hearings we heard over and over from the majority that the people need to vote on this issue."

But Sen. Hillman Frazier disagrees. Frazier was the only one to vote in favor of the legislature deciding on the state flag.

"We made a mistake by punting, that's what we did," Sen Frazier says.  "We should have made the decision ourselves and save the taxpayers $3 million on that issue."

Frazier says he just hopes the April 17th vote will bring a new flag to fly over the Capitol.