Pass Christian could increase city employees pay

PASS CHRISTIAN, MS (WLOX) - City Employees in Pass Christian may have a little something to look forward to: pay raises.

Although it is only a proposal at this point; according to Mayor Chipper McDermott, it looks very likely.

Sales tax revenue is up by $38,000. With several months left in the current budget year, the mayor feels the city is finally in a good financial position to help out city employees.

"This is within our budget. They don't happen often, but this is probably a year which they will get a raise," said McDermott.

City employees haven't had a raise since the 2009-2010 fiscal year. But McDermott says if you ask them they will probably say it feels like much longer than that.

Pass Christian has about 75 full time city employees. The four percent raise would cost the city $128,000--a figure that some people might not understand.

"That's what the public doesn't understand or sometimes the employees don't understand. With the cost of the increase in retirement benefits we have to pay, with social security, with the insurance with the whole thing," said McDermott.

Chief of Police John Dubuisson has worked with the Pass Christian police department for 38 years. He remembers when he would get a pay raise every other year, but understands the economy hasn't made that possible in a while.

"The bills go up, no raises along the way, and you have to keep making the same payments out of the small amount of money. It's hard to do extra things," said Dubuisson.

Chief Dubbuisson, along with the other city employees, are hoping they will be able to afford those extra things soon. Mayor McDermott says he isn't getting any push back from the board and he feels confident about the increase.

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