Hurricane Refugees Pack Up And Head Home

Audrey Cobb loaded up her grandchildren and belongings into her truck. The family is eager to go home.

Cobb said, "I'm wondering if everything is OK at home."

The family spent the night at North Bay Elementary in Biloxi, which was converted into a Red Cross storm shelter.

Cobb said, "It was just so noisy and cramped. It was horrible. It was hot. They had us out in the hallways instead of the rooms, and it was miserable."

But not everyone describes a bad experience.

Marilyn Welty and her friends from the Santa Maria Del Mar Nursing Home rode out the storm at the shelter, after being ordered to evacuate from their beach front building.

Welty said, "It was nice. They were congenial."

Shannon Moore said, "It was quiet. Everybody seemed to get a long together. Everything was fine, but thank goodness it was away for one night."

As the last group of people board the bus bound for home, crews begin cleaning up the buildings. Everyone is thankful they had a safe roof over their heads during the height of the storm.

Moore said, "You could hear the strong winds blowing. It got kind of harried, kind of scary, but we all survived. Thank God."

American Red Cross workers say the only problem they had Wednesday night, was the lack of volunteers to help man the shelters. However, they did get some help from the Mississippi state guard and people they call "spontaneous volunteers."