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Co-workers and strangers rally to help injured paramedic

Jennifer Hesselbein (Source: AMR) Jennifer Hesselbein (Source: AMR)
RANKIN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Generous drivers in Rankin County pulled out their wallets to spare their change and some big bills to donate to Jennifer Hesselbein's medical expenses.

All morning and early into the afternoon Monterey firefighters standing at the Highway 469 and Monterey Road intersection stopped drivers asking for whatever change they could spare.

Hesselbein who is 27-years-old works for AMR as a paramedic. She also volunteers with the Monterey Fire Department. Hesselbein was hit by a drunk driver last week while helping an accident victim into an ambulance. Now, complete strangers are rallying for Hesselbein's speedy recovery.

Driver Moses Everett said he donated money to Hesselbein "because it's the proper thing to do."

Hesselbein's colleagues collecting cash said Hesselbein has a huge heart and they're only doing what they know she would do for them if one of them were hurt.

"She's wonderful at what she does very passionate, very loving she would rather help somebody before she'd help herself," said Adam Montgomery who works alongside Hesselbein at the fire department.

Monterey Fire Department Chief James Webb said donations were pouring in pretty quick."

 It looks real good if you've seen the jugs we're holding up we've had to empty them 2 or 3 times," said Webb.

 Hesselbein's co-workers are confident she'll make it back to work.

 "She's going to be ok everybody's taking care of her, so we got her while she's down we're going to pick her back up," said Montgomery.

 If you weren't able to donate money Saturday, consider donating blood on Sunday. Your blood donation will be credited to Jennifer Hesselbein.

The blood drive starts at 1 p.m. at the Monterey Fire Department Station 2 in Pearl. The address is 3954 Highway 468 West in Pearl.

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